Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Sharpie Pens are bad for CDR-DVD Media?

Here is an article to be aware of if you do long term storage backups on CD or DVD writable media. In the end be sure to have multiply backups and backups methods.

Can it really be true? Apparently Sharpie pens are not water based (they are oil based) so this link claims that after only 100 hours of accelerated aging at 60°C and 85% relative humidity, all the test discs degraded with both Sharpie and Dixon Redisharp Plus pens! This is bad news for a lot of people and good news for both the MPAA and RIAA!

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Anonymous said...

Both my Panasonic DVD instruction manual and my Sony DVD disc package label say to use oil-based felt tip marking pens on the discs. I have not tried anything because there's too much conflicting info.