Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Mini Amp and Headphones

I found this on one of my deal sites and I thought people like Jax and DK would find it interesting.

  • Esteban Mini Amplifier and Headphone Set (Mfr# 914-093) » only $40.90 Shipped (List : $54.95)
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    Take the show on the road with Esteban's Mini Amplifier and Headphones - designed to make your Esteban Electric Guitar totally portable. This small, battery-operated electronics device has an external speaker and headphone jack. Designed for use with your Esteban electric guitar (sold separately) plugged into the mini amp, you'll get lots of enjoyment entertaining yourself or a few friends. Adjust the volume to listen quietly or crank it up! A gain control helps you manage sound distortion and sustain. Control the treble/base balance by making tone adjustments. Because Esteban's Mini Amp uses a common 9V battery, replacements are available almost anywhere batteries are sold!

  • is carrying this Headphone Set for $34.95
  • Shipping cost on this item is $5.95
  • Your Final Price: $34.95 + $5.95 = $40.90 Shipped
  • Note: charges sales tax for orders shipped to Florida and California!

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    Anonymous said...

    Actually, Doug's middle name is Esteban.

    doug said...

    Actually, my FIRST name is Esteban. E. Douglas Kraus would be how I would use it if I wasn't so sensitive about it! I just don't want to give people the impression that I'm "uppity". You know how it is.