Sunday, December 04, 2005

RISK The Game On Google Maps

Online Google Maps Risk is no more. It seems the owners, Hasbro, have sent the creator a cease and desist letter regarding the use of the Risk name and similar elements in the box game.

It is to bad that companies like Hasbro do not see the light about online publicity like this. I see two things they are missing. First, those who already love risk will play it online and buy the board or video games. Secondly, those introduced to the game for the first time, may go out and buy it.

I have a friend who was introduced to Risk for the first time and got hooked. All because of this simply awesome online game using Google Maps. Who knows he may even buy it now. That type of advertising is priceless, especially since I NEVER see them advertise this game anywhere. Hasbro should have seen this as a WIN-WIN situtation. All I know is that I will miss the game and that I will not be updating my version of RISK from Milton Bradley's version to Hasbro's. This one sale they just lost.

ORIGINAL POST ~ 2005.11.08
Risk is one of the two best boardgames in the world. That is why when I saw an online version of Risk I knew I needed to try it out. Well I was sold after one game. This is a lot of fun, even when playing by yourself. It sounds like he will be expanding the game with an online multiperson version. Check this out I think you will enjoy it.

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