Monday, March 30, 2009

PC User Questions - The Cloud?

I had a normal PC user (a non-geek, a user) today asked me today, "What is this cloud thing?" So I choose to keep my definition as simple as possible and emphasized the functionality of how he already is using it from Google Docs and Email to buying his ammo online. It seems to me that the cloud is a gathering of information (data) and the online applications (e.g. Google docs) we use to understand and manipulate that information.

One Geek (Alex Barrent) put it this way.
The Internet cloud, where the distributed and programmable network of services across the globe will serve all the data, resources and functionality we will ever use.
While it is a complicated statement it seems to sum it up in one sentence.

How would you define the 'Internet Cloud' as a technical term and for your end users?

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