Thursday, February 23, 2006

Free Webhosting, Domain Name, and more from...

Microsoft is offering free website hosting, domain names, and more. Looks like they are trying to entice users to get involved in their beta testing. Currently all three levels of their service are free, but they do offer a warning that after the beta test users of 2 of the 3 levels will need to cough up a monthly fee of $29.99.

Check it out. I know I will over the weekend. I wonder if it will work on my new Mac Mini.

Level 1 - Microsoft Office Live Basic
Microsoft Office Live Basics is the perfect way to get started on the Web. It features all the basics you need to create your business Web site, plus free hosting, company domain name, e-mail, and more.
Level 2 - Microsoft Office Live Collaboration
$29.99/month after the beta
Microsoft Office Live Collaboration lets you store, share, and manage your everyday business information in one central location.
Level 3 - Microsoft Office Live Essentials
$29.99/month after the beta
Microsoft Offive Live Essentials includes all the features of Office Live Basics and Office Live Collaboration — and more. Create your own business Web site, access e-mail, share documents, and track projects, customers, and company information — from almost anywhere.

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