Sunday, November 06, 2005

Blogging with Blogger Made Easier

Wow I just found a really awesome tool for Microsoft Word. My last post to BodyLife was done from Microsoft Word via a toolbar add in . The install was simple and using the tool was even simpler. I just typed in my text including formatting and then I click the post button. It queried me to setup some settings and chose a blog (I have 3 at blogspot currently administer). Then it submitted it to Blogspot for me and I was done. I am not sure if I will use it a lot but I will keep this tool in my pocket so I can more easily blog offline.

I also am using another tool I find most interesting. Blogspot allows me to email my blogs in. That is what I am doing as I type. So when you read this message you should know that it came from my email client and not Word or through Blogspot's website. It is a feature they have built into their service. So you may see more posts as time goes since I will be able to blog with my PDA, Cell Phone, Laptop, or Desktop. As long as I have an Internet connection I can stay connected to my blog. How cools is that. I think this feature only limited by the fact that I cannot email pictures with my post. Maybe they will add that in the future.

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