Sunday, November 20, 2005

BigFoot Keyboard

Looking to relive a childhood moving staring Tom Hanks! Then look no further than Suzuki's BigFoot. This foot size piano requires no power and can be setup to contain three octaves. What I find most interesting about this "piano" is that instead of hammers and strings it uses reeds and forced air to produce it's sounds. Suzuki's site describes the BigFoot as...
A gigantic piano keyboard sculptured from perfectly proportioned oversized foam piano keys. They snap together to form one, two, even three full chromatic octaves! Step on any key and play a perfectly formed, in tune note. Play melodies, chords, songs with one student or the whole class.
Now go out and have fun playing chopsticks with your boss. Just remember that you'll have to take turns on this keyboard.

Suzuki Instruments’ Big Foot [Product Page]
Ultraziod Keyboard (Gizmodo)

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