Thursday, October 20, 2005

Welcome to ALTT - All Things Tech

Today begins a new journey for me. This site will be my attempt to talk about any thing in technology that I find of interest. This may range from Mac's and PC's to how technology can be used in education. I see this blog as an outlet for me to post news, reviews, gadget info, and website information that is useful to me and possible to you my reader. As I surf the web I am sure you may find certain recurring topics. This is not only due to my interests but also because I am always looking for items that may help out my friends and family in their search of the web. While I hope to be creative enough to engage you in my own prose I am sure you will see reposted material here from other sites. Of course I will give you the link from which I find the article and I will also be careful of copyright issues. So sit back and enjoy the ride and if you are looking for something let me know, maybe I'll find it and post it here for you.

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