Monday, October 31, 2005

USB Guitar

We keep hearing about direct guitar-to-computer connections, but respected custom guitar maker Brian Moore is actually shipping one that works, right now: the iGuitar.USB. Plug a single USB cable into your computer, and you’ve got instant audio: no external power, breakout boxes, or drivers needed. Gibson’s not-yet-shipping “digital” Les Paul can’t do that. Better repaint your PowerBook so it doesn’t look too dorky onstage. -P. Kirn
Brian Moore USB-Based Guitar Shipping [Create Digital Music]


Martin said...

Hey man. I'm curious as to the advantages of a Guitar to USB connection. Are we talking digital audio before the computer or converted on the computer. If the latter, whats wrong with good old fashioned 1/4"? Don't get me wrong, I love to hear about new tech and advancements but I find it tough to see the advantages. Great blog by the way.


Wesley said...

It depends. From what I have read you can power your guitar from this this as well as play through it and record what you are doing digitally. This would give you an advantage if it comes with or is compatible with score writing music. You could compose on the fly or even take your improv piece and have it produce the score for you. Just some ideas. People who play and write music would understand this better than I.