Friday, October 21, 2005

Security Now! Episode 9: Rootkits

This is one podcast you must subscribe to if you are involved in any kind of activity that involves a computer. Whether it be for personal or business use. Leo Laporte and Steve Gibson offer entertaining advice on a range of security issue that every user needs to be aware of.

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Security Now! Episode 9: Rootkits
By (Leo Laporte) on Security
This week Steve and I discuss Rootkits and how spyware is beginning to used this advanced hacker technique to hide from you (and removal tools). We also recommend an excellent rootkit revealer.

This week's links:

  • Sysinternals Rootkit Revealer rootkit scanner
  • RootKit Revealer info
  • Microsoft's malicious software removal tool (adding rootkit detection)
  • F-Secure's new BlackLight (beta release)
  • Microsoft Research Strider Ghostbuster Rootkit Detection and other useful info
  • The "rootkit" web site. This site contains sample code for a number of user-mode and kernel-mode rootkits as well as ongoing discussions on how to develop rootkits.
  • The legendary hacker/cracker "Phrack" web site. This site stores the archive of Phrack, a cracker-oriented magazine where developers share flaws in security-related products, rootkit techniques, and other malware tips and tricks.
  • Thanks to Jamie Diamond (a high school sophomore) for our opening theme and Mark Blasco for our closer.

Running time: 32:19

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